John "Jack" George Phillips was the chief wireless operator aboard the Titanic, working alongside junior wireless operator Harold Bride. Jack Phillips lost his life in the disaster. His body if recovered, was not identified. Although his body was not recovered Jack is remembered by many memorials, including a memorial portrait currently displayed in Godalming Museum.

The portrait, a photograph of Jack Phillips taken by local resident Jennie Stedman is set within a copper frame produced by his headmaster at Godalming Grammar School, Charles Edward Elworthy. The portrait was unveiled in Godalming Post Office before it was subsequently transferred to the collection held at Godalming Museum.

The decorative copper frame carries a shield in each corner; the top left corner shield bares the initials of Godalming General Post office; the top right corner shield bares the logo of the Marconi Wireless Company; the bottom left shield bares the initials of Godalming Grammar School; and the bottom right shield bares the year 1912.

Between the shield the top panel carries a wreath surrounding the initials J(ack) P(hillips) and decorative leafs; the left panel is inscribed 'Duty First'; the right panel is inscribed 'CQD - SOS'; and the bottom panel carries a depiction of the Titanic at sea.

The portrait is displayed, along with other memorials and memorabilia recording the life of Jack Phillips, in Godalming Museum in the centre of the Surrey town.


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