John "Jack" George Phillips was the chief wireless operator aboard the Titanic, working alongside junior wireless operator Harold Bride. Jack Phillips lost his life in the disaster. His body if recovered, was not identified. Although his body was not recovered Jack is remembered by many memorials, including in Nightingale Cemetery on Deanery Road in Farncombe church, where he is named on the family grave plot in the cemetery grounds.

The cemetery is in Farncombe, bordering the north-west of the town of Godalming, where other memorials to Jack Phillips can be found. Other memorials to Jack Phillips can be found in Farncombe, notably the Phillips plaque in the local church and in Godalming, notably the Phillips Memorial Cloister.

The memorial is in the form of a white stone block in the centre of the family plot. To many visitors the stone appears to look like an iceberg. The stone carries the following inscription:

In Memory of John George Phillips Aged 25 Years Senior wireless operator on R.M.S. Titanic. Sank April 15th 1912.

The following members of the Phillips family are also buried in the plot:

  • Ethel Phillips. Born December 23rd 1874. Died July 18th 1922.
  • Ann Phillips. Born February 20th 1844. Died January 16th 1925.
  • George Alfred Phillips. Born January 20th 1845. Died November 13th 1928.
  • Also of Elise Phillips. Died 6th April 1953. Aged 79 years.

In order of death these are his sister Ethel, mother Ann, father George and other sister (Ethel's twin sister) Elsie. Presumably the Jack Phillips memorial element is contemporary to the death of Ethel, instituted by his parents.


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