John "Jack" George Phillips was the chief wireless operator aboard the Titanic, working alongside junior wireless operator Harold Bride. Jack Phillips lost his life in the disaster. His body if recovered, was not identified. Although his body was not recovered Jack is remembered by many memorials, including in Farncombe church where as young man he was a chorister.

The church is in Farncombe, bordering the north-west of the town of Godalming.  Other memorials to Jack Phillips can be found in Farncombe, notably the Phillips family grave at the cemetery on Deanery Road and in Godalming, notably the Phillips Memorial Cloister.

The memorial is in the form of a inscribed brass plaque within a pink-grey marble surround.  The plaque has the following inscription:

In Memory of John George Phillips. Aged 26 Years. Formerly a Chorister of this Church. Chief Marconi Operator on R.M.S. Titanic. Which sank at sea April 15. 1912. Faithful to his duty till the last.


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