(Also) Ernest Thomas Barker. Eldest son of the above. Who perished with the "Titanic" April 14th. 1912, aged 40 years. And was buried at sea.

A small wooden plaque has been placed by the Friends of Highgate Cemetery at the base of the headstone and reads:

In memory of Ernest Barker and all those who died with the sinking of RMS Titanic 14-15 April 1912 FOHC

The family headstone also commemorates the following family members in order they appear on the headstone: Beatrice Maud Barker, who died 24 December 1875 aged 9 months; Isabella Wilgress Barker, who died 9 August 1885, aged 39 years; grandson William Ernest Ellis, who died 28 March 1899 aged 1 year and 5 months; William Frederick Ellis, who died September 3 1902, aged 30 years and Thomas Barker, who died April 4 1903 aged 71 years.


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