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Titanic Memorials

Following successful sea trials the RMS Titanic left Belfast Harbour on the evening of Tuesday, 2 April 1912. She headed for her home port of Southampton, on the south coast of England. Her route would take her down the Irish Sea before turning to enter the English Channel, where she would head round the Isle of Wight, and then continue up the Solent to reach Southampton Docks. She arrived just after midnight on 3 April and moored alongside Berth 44 in the White Star Dock.

Today the population of Southampton stands at over 235,000 people. A century ago, the figure was just over half that, with 119,000 people living in the city. Thousands were employed by the 23 steamship companies that operated from the city's docks. In June 1907 the White Star Line's RMS Adriatic had inagurated the company's weekly express transatlantic service to New York. Previously, the company's liners had departed from Liverpool.

Southampton had a number of advantages, ships did not have to sail up the Irish Sea to Liverpool, saving time and fuel. It was a relatively short crossing from Southampton to the first port of call at Cherbourg on the French coast. Additionally the tidal flow through the English channel see the tide travel up the English channel causing the first high tide and the subsequent ebb of tide back from Dover towards Lands End causes water to funnel round the Isle of Wight up towards Southampton, causing a 'double high tide' effect that was beneficial for more shipping movements.

In March 1912 a coal strike saw 17,000 left out of work as ships lay idle with no coal for power. Coal was transferred from these ships to the Titanic for her maiden voyage. 724 crew members aboard the Titanic came from the Southampton area. 549 died in the sinking and only 175 returned. Areas of Southampton were devestated and it was reported that nearly every household in Northam lost a family member in the sinking.

Today, across Southampton there are many important sites associated with the story of the Titanic, from offices and buildings associated with the White Star Line to many memorials unveiled in the city following the disaster dedicated to the passengers and crew of the Titanic.

List of memorials

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  1. Titanic musicians memorial tablet
    Corner of Cumberland Place and London Road, Southampton
  2. Engineers memorial
    Andrews (East Park), Above Bar Street, Southampton
  3. Millvina Dean Memorial Garden
    Corner of Commercial Road/Havelock Road, Southampton
  4. Titanic Postal Clerks Memorial
    Civic Centre, Civic Centre Road, Southampton
  5. Titanic musicians memorial plaque
    St Mary's Church, St Mary's Street, Southampton
  6. The Grapes Public House
    41-43 Oxford Street, Southampton
  7. South Western Hotel
    Canute Road, Southampton
  8. Canute Chambers
    Canute Road, Southampton
  9. Titanic memorial stone
    Nr Dock Gate 4, Central Road, Southampton

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