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Titanic Memorials

The Titanic, along with her sister ships Olympic and Britannic, were built to serve on the White Star Line's express transatlantic service. Sailing in rotation, the three liners would maintain a weekly service from from either side of the Atlantic. Each ship would leave at noon on Wednesday each week from Southampton, and the following Saturday at 3pm from New York. In New York the White Star Line operated from Piers 59 and 60.

Today the population of New York City stands at over 8 million people. A century ago, the figure was just over half that, with 4.7 million people living in the city. in 1912 New York was the gateway to North America, promised much to the passengers aboard the Titanic.

For American passengers New York represents landfall in their home country after time away. But for emigrant passengers, many who had joined the Titanic at Cherbourg and Queenstown, their voyage aboard the Titanic to New York was a stepping stone to another world. In the 'New World' a fresh beginning promised opportunities; employment and prosperity for those who had neither.

Instead their dreams and aspirations were terminally interrupted. The Titanic was scheduled to arrive in New York on the morning of Wednesday 17 April 1912, but it was an appointment she would never make. Four days out of Southampton on her maiden voyage, the previous Wednesday, the Titanic struck an iceberg and sank. 705 passengers and crew survived but over 1,500 men, women and children perished.

Four days later, some 30,000 New York residents turned out, despite the weather and the late hour, to witness the arrival of the Cunard liner Carpathia with the survivors of the Titanic. In the days following the disaster the City of New York took to providing care and shelter for the survivors and on Friday 19 April 1912 the American Inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic opened at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

Today, across New York City there are many important sites associated with the story of the Titanic, from offices and buildings associated with the White Star Line, to the historic pier where her survivors were landed. Alongside these there are also a number of memorials to the passengers and crew of the Titanic.

List of memorials

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  1. John-Jacob Astor grave
    601 West 153rd Street, New York City
  2. Pier 54
    West Street and 13th Street, New York City
  3. Memorial lighthouse
    Fulton Street, New York City

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