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Greenwich, London

Titanic Memorials

Historic Maritime Greenwich is focussed around the historic town centre, Greenwich Royal Park and the buildings of the Queen's House and the Old Royal Naval Observatory. The Royal Observatory in Greenwich has a rich history of scientific achievement, with the prime meridian, longitude zero separating west and east, marking Greenwich Mean Time.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich in South East London is a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site. UNESCO recognise Greenwich as being internationally important for its architecture, its public and private buildings and for its role in scientific discovery, specifically in the fields of astronomy and navigation.

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich established the prime meridian, longitude zero separating west and east, and Greenwich Mean Time. Amongst Greenwich's historic buildings is the former Royal Hospital School, which now houses Britain's National Maritime Museum. The museum tells the story of Britain as a maritime nation, through its priceless collection of models, paintings, artefacts and papers..

The museum houses a number of important Titanic collections and artefacts, from photographs and paintings, to models and personal effects including a pocket watch recovered from the body of passenger Robert Douglas Norman from Edinburgh, who died in the sinking.

Held at the museum is the Walter Lord and William MacQuitty Collection. Walter Lord published the book 'A Night to Remember' in 1955, telling the story of the sinking of the Titanic based on his meticulous research and interviews with survivors.

His book was made into a film by producer William MacQuitty, released in 1958. William MacQuitty was present for the launch of the Titanic in Belfast on 31 May 1911 and witnessed her departure in April 1912. Their amassed artefacts, papers and manuscripts form one of the most internationally important collections of Titanic-related material.

Today, across Greenwich are many significant maritime sites and it is easy to overlook those memorials dedicated to the passenger and crew of the Titanic.

List of memorials

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  1. Institute of Marine Engineers memorial
    National Maritime Museum, Romney Road, Greenwich
  2. The Titanic Memorial Garden
    National Maritime Museum, Romney Road, Greenwich

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