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Titanic Memorials

The parish of Compton lies just south of Winchester in Hampshire in the south of England. Compton, like many other towns and villages across the country, was home to someone associated with the Titanic story, Frederick Blake. As the White Star Line's Engineering Superintendent in Southampton he did not sail on the Titanic, but would have known many of the engineering staff who boarded the Titanic. The engineers all perished in the disaster, and their loss deeply affected communities across the country.

The Titanic's crew were drawn from across Britain and Ireland, but also from further afield. A number of senior officers and crew came from Liverpool, the White Star Line's home port. Some joined her at Belfast, where she had undertaken her trials after her construction by the Harland and Wolff shipyard, while the majority of her crew signed on in Southampton.

Amongst them were thirty-five engineers employed aboard the Titanic to keep the ship's engines, generators and auxiliary machinery operating. The Titanic was powered by twenty-nine coal-fired boilers that powered her engines.

Steam was passed to the Titanic's four electric generators, which produced electricity to power everything in the ship from her mechanical equipment, lighting, kitchen equipment and wireless set to the electric lifts and gymnasium equipment.

After striking the iceberg the precariousness of the situation will have been all too apparent to the engineers very quickly. It must have been terrifying, all the time the angle of the ship increased as she sank deeper into the North Atlantic. The engineers helped maintain power for the wireless set until ten minutes before she sank, with the lights failing just two minutes before she sank. None of the engineers survived the sinking.

Having lived in Liverpool and later Southampton Frederick Blake moved in Compton. On his death he was buried in the local church yard. The disaster must have affected him greatly; his grave was modelled on the Titanic Engineers Memorial in Southampton's East Park.

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  1. Frederick John Blake grave
    All Saints' Churchyard, Compton Street Compton, Compton

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