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Titanic Memorials

On Thursday, 11 April at her final port of call at Queenstown, Ireland, the Titanic waited as some 1,385 sacks of mail were brought aboard. One hundred and twenty second and third-class passengers embarked, and around half-a-dozen passengers disembarked. Many of the third-class passengers were emigrants from across Ireland, sailing aboard the Titanic to New York in search of a new life. Within hours of her arrival the Titanic weighed anchor and departed at 1:30pm from the Irish coast and headed out into the Atlantic to New York.

In 1912 Cobh was Queenstown. The town was renamed on 3 August 1849 to mark a visit by Queen Victoria. The name Queenstown remained until Irish Independence in 1920, where the town was renamed Cobh. Queenstown was an important final port of call for the Titanic and other ships like her. A huge wave of emigration from Europe to America saw thousands of emigrants depart from Queenstown aboard ship, heading for a new life in the United States.

Rather than entering Queenstown harbour on 11 April 1912 the Titanic anchored off Roche's Point, far out in the harbour. The 123 passengers that were due to board the Titanic had already been ferried out by the paddle steamers America and Ireland to minimise the turn-around time of the ship.

Second-class passenger Lawrence Beesley wrote that the wind was almost too cold to allow of sitting out on deck, but that the coast looked very beautiful in the brilliant morning sun. Beesley watched the tenders unloading passengers, luggage and mails, observing how small they looked compared to the Titanic, and how they were tossed up and down like corks by the slight swell in the harbour. As The Titanic departed Beesley retired inside with his thoughts turning to landfall in America, landfall the Titanic would never make.

Today, across Cobh there are many important sites associated with the story of the Titanic, from offices and buildings associated with the White Star Line to many memorials unveiled in more recent decades dedicated to the passengers and crew of the Titanic.

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  1. Commemorative memorial
    Pearse Square, Cobh
  2. White Star Line offices
    20 Casement Square, Cobh
  3. Queenstown (Cobh) Harbour
    The Promenade, Cobh

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