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Titanic memorials

Memorials A - Z

The memorial lighthouse saved from the former Seaman's Church Institute in New York.
The Millvina Dean memorial garden in Southampton dedicated to the last Titanic survivor.
The cemetery in Halifax where many of the Titanic's victims were interred.
A memorial stone to William Stead opposite the offices of the Northern Echo newspaper
Tender built for use at Cherbourg and the last remaining White Star Line vessel
The derelict pier in New York, where the Titanic's survivors were landed by the Carpathia.
The Titanic's final port of call before setting out into the North Atlantic.
The former hotel in Southampton, where passengers stayed prior to the Titanic's departure.
The public house where some of the Titanic's fireman and trimmers had their last drink.
The National Maritime Museum memorial dedicated to the Titanic's passengers and crew.
A hotel with the first class lounge, revolving door and staircase of the Olympic
The family grave of the Andrews family in Comber, with a dedication to Thomas Andrews Jr